• We develop and supply payment back-office technology
  • White label solutions for single integration, multiple payments across various regions
  • Bespoke payment management for Merchants to manage their MID’s
  • StarMids

    Custom Payment Software Platform

    StarMids is an industry leading payment back-office, which offers unmitigated control over your payments. The software gives full access and control over all your PSP and MID integrations in one place.
  • StarMids

    Real Time Statistics Reporting

    We have developed a unique tracking software that data mines payment processing performance to highlight efficiencies, issues, transactions and values keeping all StarMids merchants up to date in real time.
  • StarMids

    Bespoke Customisation

    Our industry leading software allows proactive risk management of payment methods and MIDS, defining transactional limits and setting exchange rates providing our Merchants with total control of their online payments.
  • StarMids

    Become a Partner of StarMids

    In order to keep our integrity and impeccable reputation, we cooperate only with reliable companies and qualified individuals we are proud to call our partners. Please get in touch if you think you qualify.

StarMids - A Team of True Professionals

We are a team of young professionals specializing in payment software technology. Our operations team
has a wide experience of working in regulated financial markets and software platforms whilst our
technical team have set up broker house trading platforms and banking systems.
Online Processing made easy with the help of StarMids
Our software is available in multiple languages allowing more reach to your customers in the global market. Our single goal is to deliver the best user-experience possible.

Payment Processing is a vital component of any online business however it can often be a turbulent and stressful experience. StarMids software allows full real time visibility and control over all your payment processing.
You can easily manage your risk levels on each payment processor and decide what works and what doesn’t. You can view all your vital statstistics on your customized dashboard.

Whether you have a team of two or 200, StarMids streamlines the way online payments are handled giving you real control for the first time. If you would like to know more we would be happy to hear from you.