• Revolutionary gateway software
  • API based connection
  • Advanced CRM and Anti Fraud tools
  • SaaS White Label models
  • StarMids

    Connecting Where Matters Most

    Our Middleware connects your customers via API to our back-office with many enhanced tools and unique software features.

    You will be able to monitor, manage, sell and distribute your products/services to your customers globally.
  • StarMids

    Grow With Our CRM

    With our advance CRM features, you can record, analyse, and report on all transactions taking place between you, and your customer, granting your business real-time information, control and growth instruments.
  • StarMids

    The Power Of Anti-Fraud Solution

    We deliver you a risk management system, fraud detection and fraud prevention solutions.

    Our safeguarding solution enables early detection, risk rules settings and transactions limits optimisation providing a complete anti-fraud toolkit.
  • StarMids

    Trust Is Everything

    Whether you prefer a centrally hosted licensing and delivery (SaaS) model or white label model, our software ensures you a quick plug and play API solution allowing you to safeguard your customer confidential data.

    Secure and encrypted API-based transfer and storage of data with latest encryption protocols and tokenization mechanism.

StarMids - A Team of True Professionals

We are a team of professionals specializing in enhanced gateway software technology,
reporting tools and much more.

Our operations and technical team share a wide experience of software development,
client integrations, maintenance and support to our clients in e-commerce world-wide.
Managing your business is made easy with the help of Starmids Software
Starmids software allows full real time visibility and control over all your api calls and storage of data.

You can easily manage risk, check the efficiency of your daily operations in this all-in-one solution. You can view your vital statistics on your customized dashboard and grow your business with our drill in reports.
Our software is available in multiple languages allowing you better customer support globally.

Whether small or big, Starmids streamlines your online business with our easy to use back-office, giving you real oversight for the first time. If you would like to know more, we would be happy to hear from you.